Process & organization design to improve service and reduce cost


Our client needed to dramatically improve customer service while cutting costs. Key challenges our client was facing:

  • Increasing dissatisfaction with the level of customer service provided
  • Rising customer expectations
  • The need to force through price rises, further alienating customers
  • Customer Services and Operations were asked to save money Inefficiencies from  multiple hand-offs in the service delivery process and no clear lines of responsibility for customer management


Working hand in hand with the client we:

  • Reorganized the customer’s end-to-end process Involved more than 100 staff and  business partners to design new processes
  • Used a holistic approach to change in order to balance the technical change with softer issues such as mind-sets, behaviors and performance measurement
  • Used early piloting to test the operating model with IT workarounds to create buy-in, build momentum and gain early successes
  • Mobilized wider organizational engagement to ensure long-term success
  • Provided structure, tools and techniques to the program and coached the client team to ensure knowledge and skills transfer


  • Customer service was dramatically improved with 70% less follow-up calls and higher first time resolution
  • Business case targets were met or exceeded
  • Service quality improved with calls resolved at first contact up from 60% to 70%
  • Identified a further 25% savings
  • New technology was deployed to all call-center, service center, and staff