Quality, Health & Safety Risk Management


Critical infrastructure providers are under pressure to comply with increasing laws and regulations in an environment of growing security concern, criminal threat, operational Carbon emissions standards and targets risks and regulatory penalties. Some of the specific issues facing energy and resource providers, and utilities firms include:

  • Challenging public relations
  • Infrastructure requiring additional investment and maintenance
  • Efficiency and operational improvement needs
  • Safety issues

Strong risk management and internal audit practices help bolster reputations. Having the ability to rapidly provide detailed control regimes, environment impact assessments and response scenarios will mitigate exposure, avoid penalties and make life easier.

Although many Energy and Utilities organizations claim that effective management of operational risk and regulatory compliance are critical to their success, only few have achieved a sufficiently consistent level of performance to give leadership the comfort that such organizational risks are under control. It is in fact more common than not, for senior execs to be unaware of their exposure until it is too late

MCN’s Quality, Safety and Risk Management enables businesses to effectively manage risk, whether risk to safety, regulatory compliance or quality of delivery. Our experience shows that when businesses fail to deliver on quality or risk performance it is due to one or more of the following:

Unclear Messages: Leadership communicates the importance of managing risks to their organization while their actions and decisions undermine their own messages.

Complexity of Processes and Systems: The complexity of multiple processes and overlapping Management Systems creates gaps and confusion.

Lack of capabilities: some roles, lack the specific training and the certification required is in contention with tight resourcing needs

Inconsistent behaviors: Most importantly though, it is the individual and organizational behaviors that are the critical factors in achieving consistent quality and safety disciplines. They are also the most difficult to achieve. The long term erosion of operational disciplines is usually due inappropriate behaviors, and slacking away from prescribed behavior within an organization.

To cleanse Energy and Utilities organizations from risky patterns and behaviors, we address these critical factors and return our clients’ businesses to operational discipline. We focus on:

  • creating a true culture of safety and not lip service;
  • matching needs with service delivery capability;
  • facilitating information transfer and clear communication;
  • simplifying complex processes and systems;
  • and adopting safe practices especially in critical services;
  • Finally, we provide our clients with the necessary tools and skills to allow them to manage their quality, safety, and risk effectively on an ongoing basis