Cost Optimization

The Energy and Utilities industry has an impact on every other industry, and every individual. Energy and Utilities companies own mile upon mile of infrastructure, including wire, pipeline and plants. The supply chains for these companies are large, complex, and constrained by regulation.

The direct success of the industry has become more intertwined with the performance and capabilities of its partners. In Energy & Utilities, network optimization and tighter integration across the entire supply chain, when managed well, can reduce costs, improve time to market, increase efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. At MCN Consulting we help our clients meet the need for a more efficient Supply Chain through:

Supply Chain Integration

  • Collaborative actions that enhance productivity and innovation
  • Alignment of supply chain partners’ goals
  • Improving partner performance to deliver integrated solutions, rather than just products
  • Sales and Operations Planning, balancing supply and demand, and minimizing the inherent variability
  • Customer Integration tailoring the supply chain to maximize availability to customers
  • Complexity Management, which addresses complexity in areas of product portfolio,
  • Customer portfolio, locations and processes
  • Coordinating complex projects, balancing diverse requirements and regulations (often multi-geographical), cultural and communication challenges, and logistic complexities

Supply Chain Network Optimization

MCN Sweep: Operational improvements in production facilities, warehouses and other operating sites to improve productivity and extract tangible benefits. Network optimization supports clients in redesigning their production and distribution networks, reducing overall operating costs while maximizing service levels