Change and Continuous Improvement

Client succeeds in redesigning operations thanks to our change approach

The business was heading for compliance review and needed to improve its operating model. The client had tried to amend it twice before but had failed.

MCN provided a new approach, working hand in hand with the business detailing design options for discussion with the regulator. An approach tailored to our clients’ needs with deep change management focus and no force-fitting ready solutions.

The results: New operating model was agreed and bought into by the organization. Client said “this is the best level of engagement we have seen” and work progressed to the detail design of the operating model, where two previous projects had failed.

The Power of Change Management
Our research shows that over 30% of major change programs fail to deliver on their original intents; we believe that this is largely due to unrealistic goals and a poor change management capability.

The Importance of Managing the Change
The industry is characterized by complex capital projects, and has been traditionally conservative, slow to change, and engineering oriented. It has often operated with manual or quasi-automated processes, relying on employees with specialized procedures, well-honed skill sets, and a deep reservoir of “system” knowledge in their heads.

The pressure of rapid technological evolution, coupled with an aging workforce, provides both challenges and opportunities. The forces for change seem more potent today than ever before. To successfully introduce a major strategic, operational, or information systems change into complex Energy & Utilities organizations requires an effective blend of good technical and organizational skills. A “technically best” strategy or system can be brought to its knees by people who have low psychological ownership in it and resist its implementation.

At MCN, we underpin all our work with a powerful change management approach to assist people in Energy & Utilities organizations with the problems of adaptation and change in order to deliver sustainable results.

The leader who knows how to manage the organizational impact of such a change can sharply reduce the behavioral resistance to it.