Business Transformation

We help leading Energy and Utilities organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work delivery. We work hand in hand with our clients to optimize their processes and embed a new way of working.

We ensure that these processes are supported by appropriate, high impact governance and structures, with an emphasis on streamlined decision making, and the right degree of delegated authority. It is individual and organizational behaviors however, that are the most critical factors in achieving Business Transformation. They are also the most difficult to achieve. The long-term sustainability of a change is dependent upon our ability to inspire and mobilize the organization.

We assist Energy & Utilities organizations transform through:

  • Process redesign and optimization – to eliminate internal and external interfaces, clarify accountability and enhance process efficiency and effectiveness
  • Organization design and governance
  • Performance incentives, measurement, and management systems
  • Development of new service models, including partnership development
  • Leadership development
  • Culture and desired behavior
  • Cost and delivery modeling