Our Expertise

We work with some of the largest Integrated Oil and Gas companies, and Utilities organizations in the world to deliver short term performance goals as well as build the capability to drive long- term shareholder value.

We support our clients on a diverse range of performance issues from designing new operating models, optimizing Health & Safety, to driving a Lean Six Sigma improvement program.

Our research shows that over 30% of major change programs fail to deliver on their original intents; we believe that this is largely due to unrealistic goals and a poor change management capability.

At MCN, we deliver proven and enduring results because we focus on the critical value drivers combined with a deep change management capability which we place at the heart of all our solutions. Our difference comes from the:

  • Tangible outcomes that are truly important to the success of the business
  • Way we engage with the business to design the change
  • Focus on mobilizing the leadership and the wider organization to effect capability and behavior change Performance measures that drive behavioral and cultural change
  • End to end approach that MCN can offer: from concept and planning, to design, implementation, and continuous improvement
  • Fact that our own success is measured in terms of skills transfer to help elicit continuous improvement.

Our extensive experience, long-standing record of delivering results that last, and our pragmatic approach uniquely position us to help organizations realize margin increases whether through business transformation, cost reduction, or faster cycle times whilst simultaneously embedding the behavioral change that we believe is essential to delivering long-term performance improvement.