Creating a detailed operating model


The organization was headed for its regulatory review and wanted to ensure that it had a clear understanding of the optimum operating model.

  • Quality was constrained by operational factors of safety and poor planning
  • Contractual mechanisms with tier one suppliers was not providing the target costing savings sought


We worked closely with a client team of 30 members on two phases of work that designed the detailed options for discussion with the regulator.

Phase One: 12 weeks. Engagement to define the opportunity and assess the change readiness of the organization. Detailed “As Is” process definition to find target areas for transformation followed by high level “To Be” process design and business case substantiation. Key engagement activities included facilitated process fairs, interactive working sessions, and “in the field” process option design.
Phase Two: 4 months. Detailed operating model design, from processes, organizational structure, to governance and role descriptions, as well as performance measures, and desired behaviors.


Definition and buy-in of the detailed processes, piloting and redesign alongside the definition and implementation of quick wins.

Phase 1:A detailed understanding of the baseline and the pain points to be addressed in future redesign, supported by the organization. An understanding of the Change Readiness and a top down business case

Phase 2: Detailed design for new operational, planning and support processes and IT systems. Pilot of numerous processes including planning and delivery of resource intensive, time limited asset replacement and maintenance delivery work, new contacting arrangements with tier one suppliers and new condition based maintenance planning for selected asset class. Senior Team Organization design, start of assessment center selection process. Business case signed off by directors to deliver proposed savings.