Our History

MCN was founded in 1987 from Amanda Valeur and Pam Gustafson. In the last 26 years MCN has grown from a US based company to an international firm with clients in all continents. We pride ourselves on focusing in what we know best and thus provide expert services only for three sectors: Energy, Utilities, and Healthcare.

When you work with MCN, you have direct access to experienced industry professionals and top experts in operations. It’s no wonder that more than 25,000 clients across the globe rely on MCN’s innovative solutions to improve performance, increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve health and safety and make their lives easier.

To provide a holistic and integrated product to our customers we launched MCN Learning in 2011. MCN Learning is focused on serving the educational needs of organizations worldwide.

Based on the belief that health and safety is a basic human right, in 2011 we created the MCN Foundation, a non-for-profit organization which seeks to empower communities to take control of their health and safety, and to establish a vibrant and participatory health care system made up of communities, health workers and governments with the aim to increase and promote health & safety based education, empowerment and job creation in rural and developing regions.